NEW! 3G in Cuba for the locals, data credit gifts from relatives abroad & a new Cubacel offer

Santa’s back to Cuba. Starting December 2018, locals can access 3G in Cuba too. Tourists and foreigners were the only ones having access to 3G in Cuba so far. We know, we know, that’s sad. Ready for more good news? Cubans’ relatives abroad can top up 3G in Cuba online, in seconds. That’s what we really call www (world wide web)! The third good news for Cubans is that Cubacel is running a new promo and the deal includes 3G data credit.

How to top up 3G data credit with the latest Cubacel PROMO

Pretty simple! The 3G in Cuba can be sent as main balance. To that, your folks in Cuba get a Cubacel BONUS automatically for local calls. Sounds good right? If you think about it, it’s a win win situation: you get to save on your last minute Christmas gifts, you keep it simple and online, you save time, they get extra calling credit plus the 3G in Cuba.

Scenario #1 

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You’re married in the USA and plan to send 30 CUC to your sister in Cuba as a Christmas gift. Mainly because it takes seconds and you get to save money, thanks to the Cubacel BONUS these days. First, make sure you make your recharge between December 24-29. The person in Cuba gets your 30 CUC (main balance or amount) plus 30 CUC extra. Classic DOBLE BONO. They can use the main balance to activate a 3G plan of 30 CUC. That will bring them 4 GB. The bonus of 30 CUC can be used for local calls.

With 4 GB, someone can surf about 50 web pages per day, stream 15 minutes of music and send 50 emails every day. You can add to that 2 movies per month for example. Just saying…

Scenario #2

If you want to go lower on your budget, you can send 20 CUC to Cuba between December 24-29. Your top up receives 30 CUC Bonus. It applies immediately and automatically, so no worries about that. The main balance of 20 CUC (your order) can be used for 2.5 GB of data. So basically, you send more than DOBLE BONO to your friend, mom or sister in Cuba. They have 3G in Cuba available plus extra credit for local talk. OFFER for Cubacel phones in Cuba that include 3G in Cuba -> December 24-29, 2018

If you’ve made up your mind, here are two ways to do it.

How to top up 3G in Cuba from abroad

Choose whatever goes under your definition of comfort. is a mobile-friendly platform. Very easy to use. No need to sign a contract, just open up an account and fill in the ONLINE FORM.

The second option is the app. Look for MobileRecharge app. It’s free to install on any Android or iOS device. Oh, you can choose the English or the Spanish version.

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Top up 3G in Cuba on is suitable for anyone who prefers the comfort of their laptop. MobileRecharge app makes available the same functions as the website. Plus it comes with all the advantages of a pocket tool. You know what we’re talking about if you’re a smartphone fan.

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