100% New Year Bonus on Mobile Recharges to Cuba between January 14-17

“De rincón a rincón el doble bono es la opción” is the slogan of the new MobileRecharge.com double bonus promotion. With the new promotion, you can send a mobile recharge to a Cubacel phone in Cuba. Not only will you save money on your international recharge by winning a 100% New Year Bonus on Mobile Recharges to Cuba, but you’ll send an extra gift as well. The offer brings forth the famous Cubacel “doble bono” for those holding a free account on MobileRecharge.com. It applies to Cubacel top ups of minimum $22 and maximum $55. Take a look closer!

You can double the amount sent through MobileRecharge.com, while paying for one recharge only. So, you get 100% New Year Bonus on Mobile Recharges to Cuba when making an online recharge to Cubacel on MobileRecharge.com until January 17, Cuba time.

The promotion brings 100% free extra credit to the person receiving the cell phone recharge. For example, anyone can recharge a mobile in Cuba with 40 CUC and pay only $22. The minimum value purchased in order to receive the bonus is $22, and in this case the bonus is active for 180 days, while the maximum is $55 and expires in 330 days.

The mobile credit associated with the 100% New Year Bonus on Mobile Recharges to Cuba was designed to work as a fresh 2014 surprise for family and friends in Cuba. First promotion of the year brings not only a double recharge, but also an enthusiastic salute to our visitors and subscribers. The tone of the campaign builds its optimistic message around the idea of continuity when it comes to most positive aspects of our daily lives: good mood, experience, time with friends and family, etc.

The current campaign is part of a sequence of actions initiated by Cubacel for loyal subscribers. Experienced customers claim that these promotions, known as “doble bono Cubacel” or “doble recarga Cubacel,” are a great chance to send double credit when recharging friends’ and relatives’ Cubacel mobiles.

The online recharge on MobileRecharge.com takes less than 1 minute. Plus, the website can be easily accessed from any mobile device connected to the Internet. So, time and location are no constraints for those who need to recharge Cuba cell phones or other mobiles in other countries in few easy steps. Customers only need to select the country they want to send mobile credit to, enter mobile operator and the mobile number they wish to recharge, and proceed to payment. The credit amount is sent to the desired mobile number immediately and the transaction status can be checked in real time in the online account.

MobileRecharge.com keeps the same good practice: 100% transaction security and satisfaction. And to make it easier on online purchases, all major payment methods are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. The service offers an easy, fast, and reliable solution to all those traveling or living abroad interested to add credit to mobiles in Cuba.

If you need to talk to us, join our Community page, or chat with us, or email our 24/7 Customer Service. You’ll find a friendly staff willing to assist you in both English and Spanish. If you are the independent type, a rich Help Center is available for you on our homepage.

Plus, the design is accessible from any smartphone with Internet connection.

To sum it all up, the current double mobile recharge promotion is running from January 14 until January 17, and adds 100% New Year Bonus on Mobile Recharges to Cuba. International recharges will be made online on MobileRecharge.com. Bonus is sent instantly after check out. All major payment methods accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Moreover, payment is available in several currencies: US, Australian or Canadian Dollars, plus British Pounds and Euros. The payment security system is known as very strong.