Guess what different nations say when they need to recharge a mobile phone!

Did it cross your mind that a simple word like “mobile recharge” can bring up what we have in common as nations, besides the differences we can all see and love as part of the culture game? We travelled around to find out what people from different geographical regions use to recharge a mobile phone, or someone’s cellular in the family. Because actually that’s a common practice worldwide as the number of mobiles is growing each year, although the simplest way is online. Actually job!

Who calls it “Top-up”?

“Top-up” or “to top up a mobile” is the most common terms we’d say. It’s used in parts of Asia and equally in Africa and Central and South America, and even Europe.

You’ll be amazed how the same phrase works in so many places. People from the Caribbean, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Suriname, Serbia,  Singapore, Zimbabwe… use “top-up” extensively when they speak English.

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Some friends from African countries call it “Airtime”

People from South Africa and Uganda use “airtime” more often than other formulas when they need to recharge a mobile phone or when they look for offers, which they can easily find on by the way… But otherwise, it is occasionally used by others, according to their wording experience on the Internet.

Those who make “mobile recharges” are from…

Diverse motherlands, to be honest with you! That would be the verdict.

Many people originally from Africa use “mobile recharges” more often than others according to our statistics. Those coming from Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia more specifically.

But guess what! In the United States, this is most common too. And now, move your eyes to the right on the map, in Middle East and you’ll learn that people from countries like Uzbekistan and Tajikistan also use it.

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The Arab world also has a preference for “mobile recharges” when they really need to recharge a mobile online, and we have met many on United Arab Emirates and Yemen especially!

Filipinos find it easy to “load mobiles”

Indeed! The ethnic group famous in the Customer Service room at for using “load” when they want to recharge a mobile phone are the Pinoy aka the Filipinos. Which makes them unique and special in the telecom world.

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Of course, you may say “my American grandma also uses it” or “my Indian friend too”, which is also so possible… But did you ever ask any of them what connection they’ve got with the Philippines? Someone they met maybe? You may dig deep into the past this way… Are you ready to handle the truth?

People from Burundi “refill mobiles”

African abroad do not use the same term when they browse for recharges on the Internet, or when they talk about it. Some use “airtime”, others “recharges”, while people from Burundi prefer “refill” when they recharge a mobile phone, whether their relatives’ in Burundi via or their own, on the same expat platform.

More than 290.000 people in the world use “refills” when they talk about top-ups abroad. Curiously enough, more than 2.50% of all the citizens of Burundi live outside their country of origin, compared to South Africa where more than 1.50% of all made it abroad for example.

“Recargas celulares” belongs to…

Famous for making such recharges to families back home, Latino expats are also the most common users of the phrase. And the Internet is just a launching pad for it, which also sounds caliente, even if it’s so technical.

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Dominicans “send minutes” to their relatives and friends back home

That’s right. If you hear a Dominican promising to “send minutes” what he/she’ll do is top up someone else’s mobile phone. And they do that a lot on, which makes them one of the most generous ethnic group.

Shake hands! She/He’s someone to trust!

What’s the phrase YOU use?

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GOOD NEWS for all!

On, whatever you call it — mobile recharge, top-up, load or airtime — the balance will reach your friend or relative in seconds, plus you may find the right deal for both of you looking through the Daily Promotions to countries in Africa, Central and South America, USA and Asia.


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