Father’s Day deals to encourage Hispanics abroad

Something stroke us hard when we ran the in-house study about Hispanic dads of MobileRecharge.com fans, a few years ago. More than 60% of the Hispanic dads came out as helicopter dads, meaning highly controlling. The finding remained pinned to our minds and conversations up to today. Yet, Father’s Day gifts travel like there’s no tomorrow to South and Central America. And mobile top-ups on MobileRecharge.com as well. So, what’s the story? Before putting the best Father’s Day deals on the table for you, let’s check this for a bit…

Father’s Day comes in many shades and colours for Hispanics. The helicopter bossy presence on one hand, the laughter and the unfolded man aka dad, with all the aspects of the human nature on the other. That’s not easy for any child. At the same time that’s easier to remember and miss later. Funny paradox, right?

Día del Padre is a total bliss in Hispanic families, while the dad figure both a controversial and loved character in any family in South or Central America. What’s impossible to contradict is that Hispanic dads, as a general rule, get involved in their sons’ and daughters’ education more than an American parent, and at the same time, they share more of their human nature with kids… which is a plus when the kid gets to know reality as it is. When kids grow up, many find it hard-to-impossible to let go, especially when they leave the country and move abroad.

That’s the context around Father’s Day pulp where Father’s Day deals get their juice from. :)

#1 Brave Argentinians! Ready for 400% cocktail Movistar Bonus for your dads?

How about you spare about ARS 100? And your top-up Movistar gift gets to Argentina in seconds with MobileRecharge.com. What you send + 400% MORE.  BUT your friends / family in Argentina need to claim their BONUS by sending an SMS with the number 5 at special phone number 3456.

Photo by Henrique Félix on Unsplash

The promotional balance will bring voice calls, SMS and Internet browsing. A cocktail to sip from for 7 days! :) This promotion applies to all prepaid plans, so don’t break the rule please! ;)

#2 Costa Rican abroad? Send 100% more Movistar credit for free!

Are you a Costa Rican expat? Good news for you too! 100% Bonus applies automatically if you send a minimum of CRC 5000 phone credit to someone in Costa Rica using Movistar prepaid credit. It can be a Father’s Day gift or a nice surprise to support your Costa Rican folks or friends. Install MobileRecharge app for free or visit MobileRecharge.com for a landscape view over the promos running these days . ;)

You can’t settle for one top-up alone? No worries! Make a list if you wish with all the numbers you need to recharge, and the bonus is added automatically for each. ;)

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

The Father’s Day deal is open all month. From June 1 to June 30, 2018. Even if the order takes only few seconds take some extra time, don’t post pone the mobile recharge till the end of the evening. The promo is running till 23:59 (time in Costa Rica).

What to tell those who receive it?  That the bonus brings 100% credit and 7 days of Whatsapp extra.

#3 Ecuadorian? Get 100% Movistar credit extra for your dad in Ecuador!

Don’t push your pocket too hard! If you’re thinking about sending a minimum of USD 5 by June 30, to someone in Ecuador, using Movistar credit and Whatsapp fun for 5 days. Oh, don’t forget the bonus applies only on prepaid plans in Ecuador, so check that out before you make your recharge. ;) Deal?

#4 Born in El Salvador? Airtime and social media EXTRA Movistar credit for your folks!

For a minimum of $5 order on MobileRecharge.com, you can send back to El Salvador your Movistar $5 credit +  It can be a Father’s Day gift, but at the same time a gift for anyone in your family in El Salvador keen on social media and international calls.

Photo by Daisy OBryan on Unsplash

For top ups of USD $5 after FEE, MobileRecharge.com customers get to send their $5.00 balance + 50 minutes for all networks in El Salvador /USA/Canada + 350 MB for social networks for 5 days + Whatsapp for 30 days.

#5 Born in Panama? Pay for a $5 order, and they receive 400% MORE in Panama

Get ready for the third Sunday in June… Father’s Day! Don’t put on your tie and suit to celebrate your dad. How about a call? Or a song on the phone? A joke too? Maybe an online gift. And why not a top-up too?

No need to invest, because he’ll get 400% more than you send. And you can settle to spend $5 only. Wow thing, right? Come on, it’s too affordable to be true. But it is. Movistar Panama are running this promo till the end of June.  What Movistar needs us all to know is that it applies only to the promotional plan. If you have doubts about that, check with them: +507 378-7000 (9-6 pm).

#6 Colombian? Your Bonus is made up of international calls

The minimum top-up that gets the Father’s Day gift is COP 30000. All month long! So, you may jogging and jobbing  meanwhile. :) Kidding, it only takes seconds to top up a Movistar mobile in Colombia and get goodies, that is 20 international minutes to call USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Photo by Dani Vivanco on Unsplash

Note from big brother Movistar: this promotion does not apply for “All in one customers”.

Did you know there’s also a promo for Claro top-ups to Colombia available on MobileRecharge.com? Well, in a nutshell…  you send a minimum of COP 20000 by the end of June, 2018, hour of Colombia, to someone with a Prepago Amigo Plan and they will receive additional airtime balance depending on the day and termination number on their mobile phone.

Monday is for phone numbers ending in 0 or 1. Tuesdays for phone numbers ending in 2 or 3, and so on until Friday… which is OK for top-ups of numbers ending in 8 or 9. Hopefully, it makes sense. And the Father’s Day deals apply for any local destination, whether Mobile or Landline. Cool, right? Find more details here.


  • This article is for Hispanic former kids, who are now brave adults living abroad. For them, Father’s Day deals come to help them support their dads or send them a gift of appreciation.
  • The world is full of Father’s Day deals these days, and few are real (not covered in marketing paints), we collected the best offers from the local operators in the native country of Hispanic expats. So, let’s see what the Father’s Day deals are for international mobile top-ups on one page. If you’re in a hurry, you can check the Promotions on MobileRecharge.com. Otherwise, bear with us, or skim for the chapter you’re interested in below.
  • Argentinians abroad get to send their order + 400% voice calls, SMS and Internet browsing for free.
  • Cost Ricans abroad get 100% Movistar credit and 7 days of Whatsapp extra for the top-ups to their relatives using a Movistar phone number.
  • Ecuadorians abroad receive 100% Movistar credit for free and Whatsapp fun, for their relatives or friends to whom they send Movistar credit till the end of June.
  • El Salvadorans abroad can send a $5.00 order on MobileRecharge.com so that the person in El Salvador receives 50 minutes for free for all networks in El Salvador / USA / Canada + 350 MB for social networks + Whatsapp for 30 days.
  • Born in Panama? Your dad or cousin or friend will receive 400% more than you send. And that’s FREE for you! We call it a Bonus!
  • Colombians abroad receive 20 international minutes to call USA, Canada and Puerto Rico for their folks back home, if they recharge their Movistar phones by June 30, 2018. And extra Claro credit for free, if they recharge their Claro mobile phones by the same date on MobileRecharge.com.
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