Join the guessing game for Saint Patrick’s Day & get a lucky top up for FREE!


Between March 14-16, expats are welcome to join the lucky contest in the Facebook community hosted by our team, Especially if you’re not Irish, you’ll say out loud Why before you settle on a WhatHow. We’re one step ahead though. Oh, and if you’re an Irish expat thinking back home, you are on our side by default.

Why we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

On one hand because we love green, and lucky clovers make sense. Because this guy, Saint Patrick had a smart definition for the Trinity just by showing the clover. He was into visual stories and that is an amazing way to put reality into words.

Because the Irish have red cheeks and laugh a lot. Because the Irish are among the boldest, the most sensitive, ironical and authentic writers of the world. Let’s remember some famous Irish writers born out of the Irish flesh and blood: James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, Samuel Beckett, J. Swift, Seamus Heaney, G.B. Shaw, and soooo many mooore.

So, on Saint Patrick’s Day we speak up loud and green that we love the Irish, and that is an example for us. Not their academic spirit, but on the opposite. Their lust for life and understanding, rights and freedom. When these virtues come together, the Irish luck comes naturally.

3 steps to win a FREE mobile top up on March 17

  1. Leave a comment on Facebook, with your guess to the question “What’s under the Irish hat?
  2. Meet other participants, mingle with the open expat community on
  3. Test your luck in March: are you the winner or not? Check out the new Saint Patrick’s video on March 17 to see if you were the winner this month, and also find out what’s under the hat.

The prize is for your relatives, friends or yourself

Exactly! On March 17, the team will single out someone to receive a free top up of a mobile. It’s going to be a lucky random pick. And the mobile credit could be sent to a relative or friend abroad, or even…  to your own mobile. It is not only that you are spared the hassle of going to the store to get some mobile credit, but you also save time; it only takes seconds to do that online.

Lucky wrap up!

  • Between March 14-16, you are invited on Facebook page to celebrate the Irish playful spirit, no matter your ethnic origin.
  • If you leave a comment to the video saying what you think is hidden under the Irish hat, you enter the marathon for a FREE mobile top up of your choice. Enjoy!