10 Funny phone pranks for long-distance friends & family

It may seem hard to play phone pranks for your long-distance friends or family members, but you’ll be amazed to see it’s NOT. April Fool’s Day around the corner, so move fast and get your plan ready for some good times together with your folks. The great part about phone pranks is that you need an idea more than courage, since it’s not face-to-face. You can have fun too. :) And  thanks to technology and such a high number of expats out there, there are so many ideas in the April air. No joke, long-distance phone pranks have never been easier to play! ;) So, MobileRecharge.com team, your international mobile top up provider, has compiled a list of phone pranks we have played in the past, or phone pranks we find good to try.

#1 Do an old lady’s voice and dig the past!

Use your imagination or make use of things you know. But don’t get too private, if you don’t want to turn a funny prank into a drama. It can be about a secret sister from an old affair who comes to light after years and wants to get close or is interested in inheriting stuff. You can role-play an old lady digging into the past with a light or harsh story.

BUT, don’t let your interlocutor boil emotions for too long. It can literally be dangerous for their health or you could get them mad and it may take a while to readjust the mood. Plus, remember not everyone has the same sense of humour and tolerance to phone pranks like yourself.

#2 Sell them something STRANGE

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Do a different voice and play someone selling some strange item based on your folks’ offline or online shopping preferences. :) Ring a bell? Any idea already? Say for example that your folks love cherries, so call them and tell them they can have a cargo of cherries for $1 or the equivalent in their currency. Make them an offer hard to refuse. And enjoy the puzzling moment…

#3 Play an agent and introduce FUNNY names

Or invent a funny name for the product to trigger some polite laughter from the get go. Introduce yourself with a strange name as well and play along with the strange benefits using a normal tone. Listen to their reactions. This is one of the mild phone pranks we can think of. If you want a high level of adrenaline on the other end, make it just a bit stranger than expected or a bit dangerous. Check the video below. The offer Family Fizz makes is a large number of followers for a low amount powered by a company called Blow Up Your YouTube Channel Cheap. Check how easily they play along.

#4 We need a break… the ultimate couple prank

Some choose phone pranks that go the sensitive way. Which is tricky, if you were to ask us. But could be a test of love too. Think twice if you try this one though. It may be embarrassing or too demanding from an emotional point of view, or considered rude or insensitive. Or you may have the reaction you’ve least expected.

#5 It’s on the news. Be aware and get ready!

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Kids do such phone pranks a lot. But adults can take advantage of April 1st for such phone pranks too. Say, for example that you call your dad and warn him that running water will not be available for the following 3 days due to a local shortage. Or adapt to the local situation. :) Give them the idea on how to collect water in tanks and bath tub. Leave them a bit with all the hassle (not too long if running water is not cheap) and then call them back and tell them it’s one of phone pranks you couldn’t help not picking to make them laugh.

#6 Play the boss or someone in the board

This is tricky, but it’s up to you what reason to choose for the boss call. Or someone in the board if the boss’s voice is too familiar to your friend or relative. It falls in the category of old school phone pranks, but it could be that they’ve been put off for a while since their desk has been destroyed by an angry colleague. Play along how it happened and make it funny.

#7 I’m Kate. Did anyone call me?

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This has been inspired by a joke someone in the office told the MobileRecharge.com team here. You call your folks or long-distance friend saying “Hi, is Kate at home?”. Of course you can pick any name you feel is OK for the situation. You know your family or friends best. Could be a funny one, sure! Even better!

So, here’s how the dialogue should go…

You: Hi, is Kate at home?
They: No, bla bla bla. No Kate lives here, bla bla…

[hang up, and call again after few minutes]

You: Hi, is Kate at home?
They: No, bla bla bla. Don’t insist. There’s no Kate living here, bla bla…

[hang up, and call again after few minutes, repeat the scene until it’s not funny any more, then call again]

You: Hi, this is Kate. Did anyone look for me?

Hope you liked it, and find it easy to reproduce.

#8 Drunk son/daughter on the phone

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Something no mom wants to hear. But, if you can alter your voice to make it sound as if you are drunk, it could turn really funny. You could make very intimate or sensitive confessions, or funny compliments. Plus, your face could be as sober as possible, that’s the easy part about phone pranks. ;) At the end she’ll know you’re doing fine and keep your funny vibe, which will boost her satisfaction. Sounds cool, right?

#9 Play with the call connection

Here’s one joke over the phone in the phone pranks category labelled “Mild”. Even if your connection is clean, you pretend it’s not, and get amazed, repeat some questions of the kind “Can you hear me? Hello? Hello?” Just get a little annoying… And then let them know you’re joking. If you’re using KeepCalling app, they may not believe you, because that wow app is doing its job like there was no tomorrow. But you may blame it on the Internet connection or something…

#10 Pretend to be someone famous

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Before the brains spots the odds of the situation, its first reaction is to take it as it is. Do a different voice or ask someone to do it for you and pretend to be someone famous your friend or relative admires. Make the call seem a natural fact. “I’m the vice president, and you’ve been selected for the call of the year among my fans.” See how it works out, and maybe you’re sharing it with us in a comment :) down below.

Watch out for the Caller ID

Remember, phone pranks need to be coherent with your character’s story. So, if you don’t have your Caller ID set up, that fine. But if you’re using, for example, KeepCalling app to call and you have your Caller ID set up, you have 2 options. Whether you show your number and say you found the phone in a strange place. And here you go, the fake story unfolds from there on.

Or, you can hide it by entering a couple of numbers before the rest of the phone number to mask your Caller ID. WikiHow teaches us how to keep the number private from the person we’re calling. April 1st aka Fools’ Day around the corner! What will you guys/girls do to have fun with your long-distance friends? Here are some ideas.

You know what else YOU CAN DO for THEM?

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Send them some mobile credit and empower their local communication. Oh, you may get them a Bonus too if there’s any Promo running on MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app.

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