12 healthy reasons why Expats in USA choose to live there

Legal migrants make 15% of the USA population, and are almost 6 times more than expats in Canada, and 5 times more than in Australia. Many of them are MobileRecharge.com fans, so we couldn’t escape not asking more questions about their life in the USA.

Two years ago, the International Organization for Migration had 46,627,102 inward migrants registered in the USA. Did we just hear Wow? But what makes them stay in the USA except for chance?

The expat calling service KeepCalling has recently organized a 4th of July contest and got more than 150 honest answers about the reasons migrants choose to live in the USA. We now understand better…

#1 Freedom & hassle-free independent life

The Statue of Liberty is definitely not outdated here if you were to ask expats in USA. Many of them participating in the 4th of July contest of the calling service mentioned, speak about the experience of freedom. What that means for everyone in turn is another story, but it seems most of them think about political freedom, and the rights of the individual, so much praised in the modern world.

Odette makes a funny or not remark: “the freedom from relatives and Government.”  In traditional communities there is indeed an authority of the older members of a household or family over the younger ones, and decisions are not so independent as Americans think they are.

Pooi puts it poetically brilliant: “Freedom is a beautiful place to live. Freedom of speech and religion.”

#2 Good standard of living

For most expats in USA, the high standard of living is one root that keeps them there.

Most expats come from countries with a lower economy. On the other hand they arrived in one of the strongest countries in the world economically speaking. The gap creates an impression for sure.

#3 Mutual respect

It’s not part of the American education to see things as “an eye for an eye”. Kids in schools are taught collaboration, workplaces are schools for collaboration, and team work is a religion. The individual is praised as a resource and diversity is usually celebrated, so respect is a common ground for many living in the USA.

It’s so logical, if you come to think about the USA. So many waves of migrants kept coming since the 15th century, that it would have been a constant war if diversity hadn’t melted into collaborations and respect.

#4 Opportunities

From travelling, and home acquisition to education, work, and parties, the USA abounds in opportunities. The word is in the whole talk about the USA, like salt in a dish. Plus it is not a nationalist place, so opportunities are also for expats in USA.

Some expats in USA see an opportunity on every step on the way. One mentions that there are chances “for everyone here and around the world whether it be school work or business.”

Since people are too diverse and too many, individuality becomes natural, and not a lesson or a counterfeit. Djkson says: “The opportunity to be whatever you want to be.”

#5 Laws that actually work

In other words… justice. People in the USA, including expats in USA feel protected most of the times. Their law system has been well talked over in the long run. And revolutions and so numerous civil movements had made a huge difference.

Corruption is not the cover story in the USA, as it is in many Eastern European, African, Latin and Asian countries. The USA has a rich history with civil rights and procedures, that makes the contemporary society more abiding to people, therefore to laws established.

#6 Multi-culture

When people from many ethnic groups meet on common grounds great things can happen if there is room for peace. They start sharing, learning from each other, they start giving what the others are missing and receiving what they missed by education or culture. The melting pot we see in the streets of America, is the melting pot of a complex culture, a healthy co-habitation.


#7 Friendly & smart people

Expats in USA have always been welcome in the USA, as a general rule. Actually, the North American culture is built thanks to expat waves. They kept coming since the 15th century. As a society that made a religion out of freedom and a way of living out of liberalism, Americans and expats in USA have equally understood that freedom goes hand in hand with friendship. And good trade is build on friendly relationships.

#8 Nature

The Grand Canyon, parks and beaches, the extended Texas are only a few of the breathtaking attractions expats in USA feel driven to.

#9 People are appreciated for their talents

For the USA , people have always been resources to grow as a system. Without going deep into the historical past, this is in modern days a great advantage, because personal talents get noticed easily. On one hand, companies get real talents they need, whether we’re talking about technical or academic fields, on the other hand people find the places they belong.

#10 Equity & Fairness

North America is not so much a continent of social extremes as India or other societies. The middle strata are the most popular, the “commonpeople” as the e.e.cummings poet used to call them, make the majority. So, we can draw the logical conclusion, equity is part of the social philosophy of the federation.

#11 Medical assistance

Medical assistance is not only the privilege of the rich employees in the USA, but also part of the social programs, along cash assistance. Healthcare and medical provisions make the two branches of the medical program. Again, many Americans may be dissatisfied with these medical services, but yet, many expats in the USA compare the American system with the on ein their home country, and then maths is on their side.

#12 Promotions, deals & negotiations

Services in the USA are more flexible. Maybe also because the commercial law is more encouraging and thus more relaxed than in Europe or other parts of the world. What many expats in USA talk about as great is this flexibility to negotiate, negotiate everything… Also, promotions are an effect of competitiveness on the market, thanks to many providers. Which is a good thing, almost extraordinary for the user or customer. On one hand, everyone wants to offer the best in terms of price, quality, delivery conditions, you name it… Second side effect is that there is room for everyone and business gets to a personal level. Healthy habits overall!