What Cuban smells can seduce us into recharging Cubacel phones. No kidding!

Yes, it may sound a bit unfriendly to put together smells and top up of Cubacel phones. But there’s a chemistry of senses, memories, old emotions and present intentions behind that. If you’re a Cuban abroad you probably can already guess what we’re talking about by now. But before starting the conversation on what back-home smells trigger the best in us, there’s some news worth sharing. Excuse our pragmatism, but it’s useful. Between October 8-13, all top ups to Cubacel phones ranging from 20 CUC to 80 CUC get tripled or doubled. Wow, right! We’ll get into details later in this article… if you need us to.

The Cuban cigars

Photo by Joris V. on Unsplash

What’s in a Cuban cigar may someone who had no connection to the Cuban culture and environment ask. Besides the fact that they are world famous, the smell of them in a room in the USA, or the street… Oh, dear! That may bring back evenings in the family, chess meetings of your Cuban folks, talks a Cuban will never forget. Because holding a cigar, a Cuban conversation has a totally different vibe with that “hat on”.

Then there are images of manufactures that Cuban kids or young men / women can see at a time or another in their lives. The smell of tobacco has a certain work-load and hardship related to it, embraced in laughter and love. If you know what we mean… And you do, if you’re Cuban.

Accidental Agua de Violetas around?

Maybe a German lady will get perfume of violets as a new thing in her life… But for a Cuban, anything that gets closer to the Aqua de Violetas will trigger the strong baby skin memories. Their own or some cousin they baptised, or a kid in the neighbourhood.

The dusty smell of old radios

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

Remember the smell of the dusty radio membrane? Oh, yes! That figures out love easily…  In an instant there’s an embrace, the cheek texture of someone loved traveling to our senses again. It’s not that we’re poetic today, but it’s how it feels, as they say… many Cubans that recharge Cubacel phones on MobileRecharge.com. Those emotions drive the desire of the Cuban expat to be there besides those back home, at least with a helping hand. Some support for those cheeks back home…

Those simple biscuits. OMG

Photo by Rob Sarmiento on Unsplash

There are many biscuits in this world… But there are rarely some resembling those back home in Cuba. Like Maria cookies, with their strong vanilla scent that made everyone forget school and love life and parents again, especially in the early days. Nowadays any vanilla of that kind brings forgiveness and love back in to the child now a grown up living and working abroad. So, sure… Why not recharging your folks Cubacel phones when it’s among the easiest ways to support them from afar. Oh, talking about that, don’t forget there’s a promo running for Cubacel phones. You can triple the amount you send these days while paying the minimum. Don’t say we didn’t mention it.

If you need  to support your folks back home…

So, Cubacel gives you the means and right Bonuses to really feel like your doing yourself and them a favor by recharging their Cubacel phones between October 8-13.  In a nutshell, the offer is MORE than Doble Bono Cubacel or Triple Bono Cubacel as many know it.

Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash

To get the Triple Bonus for Cubacel phones, one needs to get as much as…

  • Get 20 CUC, and send 60 CUC bonus
  • If you buy 40 CUC, you actually send 120 CUC!
  • Pay for 60 CUC, and send a total of 180 CUC.
  • Did we mention this? Get 80 CUC, and you actually send 240 CUC. Wow!

So, let’s put it all together:

  • Don’t forget there’s a promo running for you, dear Cubans abroad. You can double or triple your recharge to Cubacel phones the week October 8-13. All details on the website that has been serving you humbly for years.
  • The strange thing is that this olfactory memory does not work differently from person to person only, but also from culture to culture. For example, a Cuban will feel at home with such familiar scents like Agua de Violetas, the old dusty radios in Cuba, cigars, vanilla biscuits…
  • Cuban children smell like violets because of Agua de Violetas. When you sense that around, it flashes familiarity back at you, and transports you back home in your early years in Cuba. The idea is that smells trigger the best in us, especially childhood memories we feel comfortable with. Those memories we carry around for years… for all our years here on Earth.
  • It’s easy to wake up senses with the right stimulants, then memories come back from childhood in Cuba, heart melts and the need to support folks comes naturally. That’s what our expat friends on MobileRecharge.com say…
  • Good to know! Cubacel is running  a new promo these days. And the offer is smashing. Triple and MORE than Double Bonus available for recharges ranging 20 CUC – 80 CUC.
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