Thinking of sending some Cubacel credit to Cuba? Check this WOW offer!

Some Cubans abroad have their April agenda looking something like this: take kids to Legoland, cigars, samba, check festivals, plan the trip home for the Carnaval in Santiago de Cuba, Cubacel credit to Cuba and “don’t forget to get the Bonus too.” For all those Cubans in the USA, Canada, or elsewhere in the world looking for the best deal in town to send Cubacel credit to Cuba, this is the best time.

Between April 23-28, 2018, a new promo is spinning the wheels of enthusiasm for Cubans abroad and their folks back home. No contract needed, so no strings attached when it comes to the best deal in April for your parents and friends in Cuba. Oh, before we forget, you also get something: Thank You points on each recharge you make, to call them later.

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Orders between 20 CUC and 60 CUC have the good Cubacel angel taking care of them. ;) The following values get extra Cubacel credit.

Denominations (local):
20 CUC order on -> the person in Cuba gets 20 + 30 CUC Bonus
25 CUC -> the person in Cuba gets 20 + 30 CUC Bonus
30 CUC -> the person in Cuba gets 30 + 30 CUC Bonus automatically
40 CUC -> the person in Cuba gets 40 + 60 CUC Bonus automatically
50 CUC adds 60 CUC Bonus > the person in Cuba gets 50 + 60 CUC Bonus automatically
60 CUC adds 90 CUC Bonus > the person in Cuba gets 60 + 90 CUC Bonus automatically

#1 Make your own soup delicious and share it: more than Doble Bono!

In other words, if you send 20 CUC Cubacel credit to Cuba, your folks there will receive 50 CUC. It’s more than Doble Bono, of course. That would be a great solution to grab the last Bonus in April for budget freak ladies and gents. ;) Kidding! The most economical minds of us all.

This promo for Cubacel credit to Cuba seems mysterious with all the values involved, but in fact it’s pretty simple: doble bono or more? Which is it?

Nostalgic for Doble Bono Cubacel? Then pick one of the following options:

  • Send 25 CUC, and they will get more than double. More specifically, 55 CUC.
  • Get the exact Doble Bono Cubacel, as familiar to you as Tocile de Cielo. ;) You send 30 CUC, they receive 60 CUC.
  • Are you made of money these days? Congrats! You can go for the 50 CUC order, and the person in Cuba gets more than double. 110 CUC more specifically, for local and international use. Wow!

#2 Nostalgic for Triple Bono Cubacel?

Cubacel credit to Cuba? Good idea during this end of April season! Triple Bono? Well, we love idealists like you. Triple Bono used to be a great deal powered by Cubacel some time in our glorious past. What happened that they took it back? No idea.

But, this month’s Cubacel promo is close to triple bono. The triple bono seed has been thrown on the 60 CUC order. The best way would be to send this to someone really talkative who needs a divine hand and your supportive gift to put their huge soul into the world. They get 60 CUC “investment” from you for their sweet communication + 90 CUC Bonus from Cubacel. In total, 150 CUC. My God! They receive doble bono + MORE

Photo by Josh Sobel on Unsplash

So, you may ask: what’s in it for me after all? ;)

This good news is for those of you having Cubacel recharges in your browser’s search history.

What to take away from this month’s offer? The Bonus for Cubacel credit to Cuba is better than Doble Bono Cubacel. It can’t get better than this for the moment! Plus, you also get Thank You points for every purchase. After you went wild with all your recharges, your gifts to Cuba, check your loyalty points in your online account on Hopefully you did not forget the credentials. :) Kidding, of course you didn’t. Just log in and tap My Information tab. Look for the Thank You points top right.


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