The Best top up to Cuba EVER: more than TRIPLE available now

Things went the extra mile in the past months for Cuba, to the surprise of Cubans abroad who never lose contact. Imperio, the Havana-based drag queen entertainer and activist sends “a blunt message to Donald Trump and the US government in an interview with The Independent: ‘Lift the embargo’. (The Independent) And Cubacel, the monopoly full telecommunications service provider for Cuba, gives out the best bonus in its recent history for your top up to Cuba. Not only Triple Bonus, but more than Triple, which is a great thing for Cubans abroad who send Cubacel credit online to their folks in Cuba.

Save more than ever on your top up to Cuba

Photo by Ricardo IV Tamayo on Unsplash

A new Cubacel promotion was released on February 18, 2019. But to everyone’s surprise, it’s not Doble Bono Cubacel on the menu, and not even Triple, which is already a great support. Instead, it’s MORE than Triple Bonus. The campaign started on Monday and is now open until Saturday, February 23 (23;59 Cuba time).

If you’re NEW, here is How to send your top up to Cuba easily

  • You send
  • 20 CUC
  • 25 CUC
  • 40 CUC
  • 50 CUC
  • 60 CUC
  • They get
  • 70 CUC
  • 75 CUC
  • 140 CUC
  • 150 CUC
  • 210 CUC
  • Triple + 10 CUC
  • Triple
  • Triple + 20 CUC
  • Triple
  • Triple + 30 CUC

Trust your guts

We know that many Cubans abroad have a whole list of relatives to top up during a promo. Who to send more, who to send first? Our message: trust your guts and just do it. You’ll save time. Money comes and goes. Think about the all the times you got stuck thinking that you’re saving big. In the long run, it doesn’t make too much of a difference. Been there before! ;)

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Make a list if you have a limited overall budget, but trust your guts with the amounts. ;) It’s normal to send more to those you care more about. It’s human nature, don’t let remorse get you ripped off that emotion…

Low budget?

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Pick a lower amount like 20 CUC to make a top up to Cuba that goes way above Triple.

If you want to send your top up to Cuba to a whole list, not just your aunt or dad, it goes without saying that the 20 CUC order is more accessible.  You’ll TRIPLE the amount anyway. So, 200% FREE extra on your top up to Cuba plus 10 CUC applies instantly. Your parent or friend gets 50 CUC Bonus for your 20 CUC order.

What else to know about this PROMO?

The promotional bonus can be used for local and International calls and SMS, including the SMS entumóvil. You know the drill if it’s not the first time you send a top up to Cuba. But watch out! The promotional balance does not apply to email service, MMS or data. In case your family member will go that way, Cubacel will deduct that from the main balance. No rocket science, but just make sure you know what things are about.

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Here’s some stuff behind the scene…

To make the best of your bonus, we will split your top up to Cuba of 40 CUC or more into 2 or 3 separate top ups. Why? So that your amount gets into 20, 25, etc value categories to add more bonus. Your friend or relative in Cuba receives the maximum bonus possible this way. ;) That’s why the recharges may arrive several minutes apart. So, don’t panic, it’s exactly how it’s supposed to be!

When does the BONUS expire?

Good point. The promotional balance will expire on March 14, 2019  (23:59 Cuba time), but the main balance (your order value) will keep the same validity as usual: 330 days from the day you send your top up to Cuba. Say, you send your top up to Cuba today, the main balance will be live and kicking for about 11 months.

Don’t worry, your relative or friend in Cuba will receive an SMS a few days before the expiration date of the extra bonus. Meanwhile, they can check their balance via USSD ( *222*266#) for free.