What MobileRecharge team would say to Santa if they were his therapists

Santa is among the few old men, who is so well fit, especially during winter. And we’re talking thousands of miles per second, not jogging in the park. And not only does he travel like crazy (in a good sense), but he’s got this grandpa aura all around, while being the expert in Gifts. We learned from the best, and often used his name when introducing the Cubacel bonus to MobileRecharge.com Cuban fans. By the way, another Triple Cubacel Bonus applies these days on all top up gifts to Cuba.

Getting back to the funny Mobilerecharge.com team, we asked them to imagine the controversial Santa Claus had a therapist for all his totally unconventional life. They played the therapist role easily! No one complained! So, here is what MobileRecharge members had to say to Santa.

Marius, Marketing:

I’ll try to explain to him that he’s suffering from altruism, social anxiety, red & white disorder and I’ll recommend him some Ericksonian hypnosis, to rediscover himself!

Phillip, Finance:

I’d take my payments from Santa in gifts instead of money.

Iuliana, Web Content:

I would explain him that his social anxiety is only connected to spending too much time with his elves and reindeer; they do not count as friends!! He is still beautiful inside and loved, so he should use the front door next time.


Nicu, Marketing:

If I were  Santa’s therapist I would recommend him to lose some weight and avoid dark, narrow spaces, but since North Pole already provides plenty opportunities to do that all year round, I would probably find a way to catch a ride in Santa’s sleigh, to see the world in the most beautiful night of the year. 

Cristi, Telecom:

I would make him go on a diet, no more cookies, and advise him that coal in socks are a washing machine’s worst nightmare.

Alexandra, Admin:

I’d say… Dear Santa, may I interest you in a glass of wine? 

Cristina, Marketing:

I would ask to be paid in sleigh rides and gingerbread cookies!

Simone, Design:

I would listen to his troubles while eating all the chocolate from his bag :D


Radu, Web Design:

Convince him that everyone under 50 is a kid.


Teo, Customer Support:

If I were Santa Claus’s therapist, I’d need to hire a therapist for myself, too. :)

 What about you?

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